Wednesday, July 28, 2010


two italian sisters living in a room. ones my friend ones ploting my doom. every night i dream of you. in the morning i go and scream at you. i took you to the doctor. i took you to the play. i'd like to take this act and move to broadway. when the wind starts up and the seas get rough those big old tanker ships always hang tough. i want to be like an international skipper. plot my course and move it down the river. i'm so intrigued by you. the little things you go and do. you make me cry and i'm always asking why. she won't talk to her papa. she talks nonsense with her mama. hey little girl thats the little girl in you. you need to be off a noose. your a young women busting loose. don't be alarmed i'll never cause you no harm. just sit, relax, take a load off your back. put down your rifle and be my wife. i'll build you a home in downtown rome, new york, new york or jerusalem. i ain't no fool. theirs a wonderful mother in you. your driving me wild won't you bare me a child. sooner or later your going to give it a try. your going to find out i'm the best man alive. so i'm going to back my bags hit the dirt take my carcass and move on down to lake worth. i'm going to live in a home that ain't got no dome. you want to reach me fiorella just pick up the phone. i want you, baby i want you, baby i want you so bad, superglue won't do. i'm mad crazy in love with you. he's not the one for you.

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